Galician Crafts

Galicia is a region of northern Spain that has a long tradition of handmade crafts and a wide range of artistans who are combining this legacy with the incorporation of design and new technologies tools. The result is a broad and heterogeneus sector, which provides modern products, innovative and high quality pieces, with the added value of the labels "handmade" and "made in Galicia".

Galicia has a regional government, the Xunta de Galicia, which is responsible for developing and promoting their own policies to encourage the Galician craft sector. With this goal in 2011 creates the brand Artesanía de Galicia (Galician Crafts), a unique image for our craft products, a guarantee of quality and prestige in international markets and a platform that facilitates the promotion and commercialization of the sector.

Moreover, the regional government is developing different strategies related to promoting and encouraging the crafts sector in several areas, among which stand out the diffusion of the sector, training of craftsmen or the introduction of the Galician craft product within new markets. In this sense works the Fundación Central Galego da Artesanía e do Deseño, a non-profit organization, dependent on the Department of Economy and Industry of the Galicia regional government, which has launched a specialized magazine "Obradoiro de Artesanía" with an English version you can read at:

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